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The Pence Fly — Cartoon Print

The Pence Fly — Cartoon Print

Size 8.5"x11"

Only left in stock

Who can forget the famous fly that landed on Vice President Pence during the debate? The fly that gave us all a well-needed laugh during an otherwise stressful time in our nation's history? So why not give the little creature more than just its 20 minutes of fame and celebrate the winged comedian for many years to come!

• Giclée Fine Art Print
• Available in three sizes
• Signed by the Artist
• Ships in 1-2 weeks

It's one thing to laugh at a cartoon on a screen, only to never see it again. But why not own a physical object of Jeff's work, not to mention a piece of history, so that you can smile and chuckle again and again? And maybe give the fly a thumb's up when no one's looking?

Available in three sizes, these full-color giclée fine art prints make unique gifts and conversation pieces for home, office, dorm room, RV, boat, and spaceship (have we mentioned that Jeff's work has actually flown aboard space shuttle Discovery?).

Each piece is individually signed by the artist and if you like, can also be personalized (just leave a note for Jeff at checkout for inscriptions or other special instructions).

Koterba fine art prints ship in 1-2 weeks and are backed by our Koterba Guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you're not happy with it, we'll refund your money in full. We ship worldwide and not only that, all orders include free shipping!*

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